Antiseptic effect of NaCl?

Jay and Nancy Mone jaymone at PAONLINE.COM
Sun Jun 20 19:47:51 EST 1999

NaCl inhibits bacterial growth by osmotic pressure, in much the same way 
that sugar in jelly and honey prevent most mnicrobial groth.  I don't 
have specific info on other salts, but I would expect them to behave in a 
similar fasion, at least with respect to osmotic pressure.
Geoff Crawford's assertion that Cl inhibits viruses is, I beleive, a 
little off the mark.  It isn't the Cl itself in bleach that inhibits 
viruses.  Rather, it is hypochlorite, a different species.  This molecule 
inhibits by oxidizing cellular proteins and lipids, and is also 
sporcidal, which salts are not.

Jay Mone'

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