Microbiology/Projects Fair/Mass.

Judy/Bob Dilworth dilworth at megsinet.net
Thu May 6 21:00:20 EST 1999

What are these peoples' credentials, i.e. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?  I as a
parent would be livid, and as a microbiologist would be marching down
there and demanding an explanation.  If you know more than THESE PEOPLE
you could possibly shame them into accepting them.  However, if they
have good microbiological credentials, and some sound microbiological
reason for rejection (kids spilling broth cultures in the past, etc.) I
suppose I could understand.  I also could possibly understand if these
kids were working with enteric pathogens such as Salmonella or Shigella
(but I doubt if they would be - they shouldn't be).   There is probably
more bacteria on the bottoms of the safety committees' shoes if they're
dealing with soil and water bacteria than in the kids' projects.

Was their insurance carrier crying foul, or afraid of liability issues?
Unfortunately I'm not from Massachusetts - just an observer from Ohio.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

"Theodore C. Crusberg" wrote:
> I hope that this is not a hoax but I have to post this message which has
> some very serious implications for microbiology education.  I hope that
> others reading this list from Massachusetts may be in a position to
> comment and/or investigate this allegation by one of my colleagues.
> A member of the WPI Biology faculty today said that her daughter's State
> Projects Fair entry was disqualified because it involved microbiology
> (microbiology of Worcester (MA) municipal drinking water) and that all
> projects involving any bacteria have been denied access to the State
> Project Fair because the "Safety Committee" deemed these projects
> dangerous because all bacteria are potential pathogens.........

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