Extremophile Research Theory and Techniques

Hal Schreier schreier at umbi.umd.edu
Mon May 10 15:44:25 EST 1999

The American Type Culture Collection, in collaboration with the
of Maryland's Center of Marine Biotechnology, is sponsoring a symposium
workshop entitled "Extremophile Research:Theory and Techniques".  This
course, to be held July 26-29, 1999 in Baltimore, MD,  focuses on topics
archaeal research with methanogenic, (hyper)thermophilic and halophilic

For information about the course and for a listing of symposium and
workshop schedules please visit

Several stipends may be available for graduate students, postdoctoral
fellows and faculty who are not funded in this research area, pending
approval from the National Science Foundation.

Please direct requests for information to myself of Ms. Deborah
George Mason University (debbieg at ib3.gmu.edu).

Thank you.


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