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Mon May 10 22:43:01 EST 1999

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   Judy/Bob Dilworth <dilworth at> wrote:
>We use Crystal ID by BBL (I think) and they are easier to use than API. 
>Also work for non-fermenters.  I didn't even know enterotubes were
>around anymore. We use GNI Vitek cards for most of our identifications,
>with the Crystal ID as a backup.
>Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
>DES O'CONNOR wrote:
>> I used this system perhaps 15 years ago. Didn't like it one bit...... 
>> Do your self a favor Yersinia use API, MIcrobact some similar system.

Hi Judy,

Have you any experience using the Crystal BBL system for Gram Positives?
We looked at using this system a couple of years ago but found it poor for 
identifying common gram positives - corynebacteria, micrococci, bacillus - 
most of the time it gave us a non result.

Would be interested to here if anyone else has used it for G+.


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