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               DNA discovery could prove African group's Jewish ancestry 
               By Associated Press, 05/09/99 15:49 

               [The j*ws are going to be both happy and unhappy about this.  The
j*ws will be unhappy because they are
               the world's formost 
               racists and it'll make them feel bad that people with black skin
are genetically more j*wish than they
               are.  Remember 
               that most j*ws are non-semitic Khazars who may have some j*wish
blood but are more j*wish in spirit than
               in genes. 
               However they'll be very happy that they've discovered a way to
tell j*ws from non-j*ws genetically so
               that they can use 
               this for military purposes.  We already know that the Israelis
are working on biological weapons to kill
               only Arabs. We 
               already know that the World Health Organization goes around the
world speading killer diseases and
               creating new incurable 
               viruses to attack 'rogue states' or countries not on par with
j*wish thinking.  But now with this new
               they'll be able to quicken the pace of their plan to enslave
humanity and exterminate anyone who is
               either not useful to them 
               or rebellious. 

               The fact that they can now hunt for non-j*ws on a genetic level
should frighten every non-j*w on Earth. 
               Believe me, we will 
               see this screening ability put to more murderous use very soon...
We can count on new diseases
               appearing which only affect 

               NEW YORK (AP) - Genetic tests on the Lemba people of southern
Africa show convincing evidence the
               Bantu-speaking tribe may be of Jewish ancestry, The New York
Times reported Sunday. 
               A team of geneticists have discovered that Lemba men carry a DNA
sequence that is distinctive to the
               cohanim, a hereditary set of Jewish priests, the Times reported.
The priests are different from rabbis,
               and perform certain ritual roles. 
               The Lemba, who practice circumcision, keep one day a week holy
and avoid eating pork or pig-like
               animals, have long asserted they are of Jewish heritage, the
Times said. 
               The discovery of the common DNA sequences stemmed from research
being done into the Jewish tradition
               that priests are the descendants of Aaron, the elder brother of
               An analysis of the male Y chromosome found in 1997 that a
particular pattern of DNA changes was much
               more common among cohanim priests than among lay Jews. 
               David B. Goldstein, a population geneticist at Oxford University
in England, took that discovery one
               step further. 
               'In studying the priesthood, we happened into this tool for
distinguishing Jewish from non-Jewish
               populations,'' Goldstein said in the Times. 
               Unlike in other chromosomes, the genetic material of the Y
chromosome remains more or less unchanged
               from generation to generation, making it a useful tool in
discovering heritage, the newspaper reported. 
               Goldstein found a particular set of genetic mutations that was
strongly associated with the priestly
               caste, not so common among lay Jews and very rare in non-Jewish
populations. He then tested DNA samples
               collected from the Lemba. 
               Goldstein's research showed that the proportion of Lemba men
carrying the genetic signature of the
               priests were similar to those found among the major Jewish
populations, strongly supporting the Lemba
               tradition of Jewish ancestry, the Times reported. 
               And the DNA sequences were particularly common among Lemba men
who belong to the Buba clan, the senior
               of their 12 groups. The Lemba, from South Africa and Zimbabwe,
believe they were led out of Judea by a
               man named Buba. 
               In a separate study, Dr. Tudor Parfitt, director of the Center
for Jewish Studies at the School of
               Oriental and African Studies in London, said he has discovered
the route the Lemba say they used to
               emigrate, saying he was told they traveled from a place called
Senna to Africa. 
               Parfitt, who has studied the Lemba for 10 years and described his
work in a recent book, ''Journey to
               the Vanished City,'' said he found a village called Senna in
Hadramawt, a former site of Jewish
               communities in Yemen. He believes that is the Senna referred to
in Lemba tradition. 
               ''It turned out what they are saying about themselves is
substantially correct,'' he said. 
               Mother charged with beating 8-year-old girl to death with bat 
               [This is just another story of how a 'cute little brown person'
goes about raising a child...] 
               By Associated Press, 05/09/99 16:13 
               ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - A woman who said she was enraged that her
8-year-old daughter wet her pants was
               charged Sunday with beating the girl to death with a baseball
               Anita Simmons, 36, told investigators she hit the girl eight or
nine times on the head and shoulders
               Saturday morning. Six siblings also were home at the time. 
               ''The mother indicated to the investigators that the child was
wetting her pants at the age of 8, and
               that infuriated her,'' said Orange County Sheriff's Sgt. Bernard
               Simmons' boyfriend, Darryl Thomas, 31, called for help when he
got home shortly before midnight, at
               least 13 hours later, authorities said. 
               The girl, Causla Nicole Glover, was pronounced dead early Sunday,
Presha said. 
               Ms. Simmons faced a bail hearing Monday on a second-degree murder

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