Dr. Suresh Joshi et al molbio at
Fri May 14 03:09:08 EST 1999

	It often happens. I have successfully tested & used colistin on
few occasions in Acinetobacter clinical isolates.. One may not get any
zone at all, depending on the response of the strain. We regularly cary
out susceptibility testing for colistin in addition to other 50 agents.
Refer manufacturer's manual careful & also run test control.
Best luck.
Suresh Joshi, MSc, MB, Ph.D.   

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Luis M. wrote:

>     I need to test the susceptibility to colistin of an Acinetobacter
> baumannii strain isolated from two patients hospitalized in the ICU.
> This strain is resistant to all the antibiotics tested, perhaps the only
> possibility we have to treat the infection is colistin. I can´t find the
> zone diameter breakpoints to interpret the zone size I get by diffusion
> test.
> Also, I would like to know your experience with this kind of strain.
> Thanks


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