why is H. Pylori suddenly an issue?

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Mon May 17 04:30:08 EST 1999

The organism had been noted in gastric biopsies many years ago but
microbiologists had been unable to culture it until a team of workers in
Australia made this breakthrough.  Having been able to culture the organism,
this led to its characterisation and thus to tests to allow its detection and
prove conclusively its links with gastric ulcers.  The organism produces
unusually large amounts of urea and this is a major factor in the correct
diagnosis of the cause of gastric ulcers.

Hope this helps

Alistair Brown
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  "Cameron Weighill" <cweighil at nanaimo.ark.com> wrote:
> It's probable been a source of ulcers for many years, though it had not been
> diagnosed as a causative agent until 1980's.
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> > why only fairly recently has this cropped up as a cause of ulcers?
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