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The excellent reputation of LAB M¹s Campylobacter Enrichment Broth has been
further re-enforced by the FDA¹s inclusion of the product in its new BAM
manual. Acknowledged as a superior selective enrichment medium, the broth
provides an essential starting point for the successful recovery and
isolation of Campylobacter  spp.

Campylobacter isolation poses a problem for many laboratories and recovery
rates can be disappointing. Several factors may contribute to the problems,
and it can be particularly difficult to isolate organisms which have been
sub-lethally damaged by food processing or are present in very small numbers
or in heavily contaminated specimens.

Formulated by internationally recognised Campylobacter expert Professor Eric
Bolton, Public Health Laboratory Service UK, the LAB M medium successfully
overcomes these problems and offers significant improvements over
traditional Preston Broth. Contaminating organisms are suppressed whilst
Campylobacter  spp. are Onurtured¹ in ideal culture conditions.

Subculture onto LAB M¹s Campylobacter Blood Free Selective Medium further
improves recovery, allowing incubation at 37f C, which is reported as
offering a higher rate of recovery than 42f C incubation.

Suitable for food, environmental and faeces samples, Campylobacter
Enrichment Broth  is supplied as a dehydrated powder and lyophilised
supplement. Prepared medium in capped bottles is stable for 7 days when
stored at 2-8f C.

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