Request for xylanase / cellulase samples

Dr.Abhay Shendye abt at PN3.VSNL.NET.IN
Thu May 20 09:11:53 EST 1999

From: Dr. Abhay Shendye
Agrobiotech, 9 Aditi,
Sanewadi, Aundh
Pune 411 007 INDIA

I have been working on development of a sensitive method to identify
xylanases and cellulases. I have developed a method for activity
staining in which one can detect at least 1 milliunit of  the xylanase/
cellulase preparation after the PAGE. Thus this may become a rapid
method for assigning xylanase &/or cellulase activity to individual
proteins. Also the method can be used to rapidly identify  strains with
specific protein bands [may be very minor ones] showing optimum activity
at desired (alkaline in most of the cases) pH &/or temperature.

However the method so far has been tested using a very limited number of
enzyme cocktails. Also, considering the error in xylanase quantitation,
I think I should confirm the quantitative data with the help of some
standard samples.

I am therefore making request to all the fellow researchers working on
similar lines to send me some samples of xylanase &.or cellulase
preparations. The mixtures are also welcome. Please try to give maximum
data on quantitation, Number of enzyme bands expected, opt. pH. This
will help me prove the utility  / improve the method.


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