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Rod Savidge savidge at
Tue May 25 10:51:13 EST 1999

Dear Dr. Varlam B. Keshelava,

Thank you for bringing your MPM to general attention.

I just wanted to make a point that I think many biochemists too often
overlook, viz. that aromatic substances constitute an immensely important
component of "biomass," certainly on land and probably also in water life.
For example, woody plants produce huge amounts of lignin and, despite the
platitude that cellulose is the most abundant form of terrestrial biomass,
in conifers it can be shown mathematically that more photosynthetic energy
is allocated to lignin than to cellulose.  Thus, the fact that erythrose
4-P and phosphoenolpyruvate give rise to more than proteins, viz. to
aromatic compounds, should be shown on your scheme.

I like what you're doing and am sure it will be helpful for students.

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