HIV and Visna

Sharon Myers spm at
Mon Nov 1 03:50:59 EST 1999

Graham Shepherd wrote:

>>Conspiracy theories exist to comfort those who can't accept that the
is a dangerous place and when bad things happen it isn't necessarily
somebody did something.


To which I reply:

And history, thankfully, exists, in part, to document in detail the evil
done in the dark by the wicked. From history we learn how to recognize
their methods and, more importantly, to understand why such atrocities
occur in this world.

I do not say that HIV was created to kill humans; I say that anyone who
scoffs at the notion that there be any conspiracies at all abroad in the
earth has his/her head stuck in the sand. You do add the qualifier
"necessarily." I would ask that you expand your lines of query to
include skullduggery as at least a "possibility."

Patton forced the German people who lived near the burning ovens to go
have a look-see; they cried and mourned because "they didn't know." They
didn't know because THEY REFUSED TO SEE. They refused to believe "the
rumors." They refused to ponder the meaning of all those trains of
people who vanished into smoke. They refused to see if there was any
evidence. 'Mankind could not possibly be so evil' is the usual excuse
for pragmatic indifference.

It is historical fact that Hitler's Germany performed horrible
experiments on humans and did their best to keep it all secret. It is
neither hysterical nor paranoid to think that such things can happen in
this world. I do not say to look for a mad scientist from Day One; I say
only that, if a body of evidence points in a certain direction, pursue
it, if for no other reason than to debunk it through proper inquiry.

Keske does not have scientific credentials; yet he cited scientific
publications. Do they really exist or did he make them up? If there is a
paper trail in the scientific canon, should this paper trail not be
examined by those qualified to pass judgment on same?

I am not a scientist; I am merely an old grandmother who loves certain
disciplines, like microbiology. I would like to ask, please, what is the
current scientific evidence for the origin of HIV?

Sharon Myers

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