HIV and Visna

Jay and Nancy Mone jaymone at PAONLINE.COM
Mon Nov 1 17:23:46 EST 1999

You state (correctly) that there are indeed dark deeds done by evil 
people.  However, Keske seems to feel that everything bad that happens is 
a deliberate act to kill gays, blacks (insert your favorite victim).
No, Keske does not have credentials, but this doesn't disqualify him from 
discourse on the subject.  The problem is that if you begin digging into 
history with a bent to find evidence supporting a preconcieved idea, you 
will certainly find such evidence.   It is easy to solve a maze by 
beginning at the end and working backwards.  However, little is really 
learned from such experiences.
To believe, for instance (as Keske seems to), that the Hep B vaccince 
trials were some evil plot to target gays with infectious diseases is so 
preposterous as to be laughable.  And this is just one of his rediculous 
Keep reading Keske and you will find that he makes statements which he 
purports to be facts, but when asked about specifics, the references (and 
science) more often than not aren't there.
Its a shame really, since Keske seems to be a very intelligent, hard 
working person.  He is just so tainted by his paranoia that he ends up 
sounding like a fool.

Jay Mone'

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