HIV and Visna

Sharon Myers spm at
Wed Nov 3 20:35:32 EST 1999

Jorge wrote:

>>I am a microbiologist who has followed some of Keske's posts. The few
citations (most frequently cited is senational fictional literature) do
and tom usually has reinterpereted data and findings to serve his own
bias - usually in a scientifically invalid manner.<<

Thank you, Jorge. May I ask, please, what do you think is the most
plausible explanation for the origin of AIDS based on the information
currently available? Is it true that the AIDS virus is similar to visna?

If the technical cites do exist, and if you have read them, can you
explain, from your understanding, what a correct interpretation would
be? I am not a scientist but I can usually follow fairly technical
details and would appreciate understanding why AIDS could _not_ be an
engineered virus.

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