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Fri Nov 5 15:14:03 EST 1999

DC McDonald writes,

<what are the ingrediants of Moeller ornthine decarboxylase medium, and 
are the puroses of each.  I can't this informaion on the web.  i can only 
find online shops that sell it.  Are there any good links that help 
explain these procedures for identification of unknown organisms??  

Links, I don't know about, but if you want the information I can help you 
a little. According to my Difco Manual (on page 269), the base 
decarboxylase medium consists of:

Bacto Peptone, 5 g
Bacto Beef Extract, 5 g
Bacto Dextrose, 0.5 g
Bacto Bromcresol Purple, 0.01 g
Cresol Red, 0.005 g
Pyridoxal, 0.005 g
a 1% solution of L-lysine, L-ornithine or L-arginine.

Ornithine, arginine and lysine decarboxylase reactions are used to 
differentiate biochemically "close" spp. of Enterobacteraceae. I have 
information on the history and principles of the use of these media and 
how they are used to help ID organisms here in my Difco Manual (10th 
edition, but I think they've come out with an 11th by now). I'm not 
inclined to type all of it out and clog the list with it, though. 
However, if you're really interested, I offer the following suggestions:

A. Get your hands on a Difco manual (borrow from work or school lab, or 
library if possible, or better, purchase your own copy).
B. Email me privately and I'll send it to you in a private email.


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