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Fri Nov 5 18:33:37 EST 1999

On Wed, 03 Nov 1999 19:52:15 GMT, "JD" <forumchemicum at> wrote:
>Does anybody know the answer to the following question:
>Which toxic compound(s) does the algae "Chrysochromulina polylepis" produce?
>Any suggestions, literature references are welcomed and highly appreciated.

It took some literature searching to find anything on this, 
and I many not be correct, but it may be that 
Chrysochromulina produces a toxin related to the 
prymnesins. It appears that most work on them has been done 
in Japan.  Check on Igarashi,T. Jol. American Chem. Society 
118(2), 479-80, 1996.    If my information is incorrect,
I would appreciate knowing what the correct toxin is, when you find
out.       Tom McCloud   

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