Agar diffusion assays of antibiotics: (semi) automatic zone readers

David E. Post at
Tue Nov 9 02:06:05 EST 1999

Try Oxoid, Basingstoke, England for their Aura system.       David Post.
Hilde Bastaerts wrote in message <804jps$48$1 at>...
>Who has good (or bad) experience with an automatic or semi-automatic zone
>reader for microbiological agar diffusion assays of antibiotics?
>In our lab we use both the USP (5+1 dose level, on 9 cm petri dishes) and
>the Ph. Eur (3+3 dose level, on 25 cm square plates) designs.
>Any information on suppliers and makes of such equipment, as well as
>experiences with the use of such equipment would be welcome.
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>Microbiology Lab Manager
>Alcon Belgium
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