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Fri Nov 12 08:20:10 EST 1999

May I ask if you know the family invloved personally?
I ask because the email address mentioned here
(Nikki at comnet.co.za) is not valid, and neither is that
in an otherwise similar email I have recieved
(Nikkie at comnet.co.za), nor the same addresses in lower

If the story is genuine (and it has a horrifying ring of
truth about it), then I have a message I would like
to reach it's originator. Unfortunately there are many
bogus chain letters being circulated in the internet by
sick people.

Hallo Nikki,

I would like to express my sympathy and grief at the tragedy which
has struck your family. I am sure that no words can do justice to
the sadness and anger you must feel, and that only those who have
suffered similar (saddly more and more) really understand. Perhaps
more importantly I wish your cousin as speedy and total a recovery
as possible, physically and emotionally.

I would suggest though that you send with your request the wording
of the petition. I know only that you are asking for a harsher
penalty for the crime of rape. However I do not know what the current
maximum sentence is, nor what you would like it to be. Also when I
want to sign what should I do? I do hope my feedback helps you in
your cause.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in these
difficult times.

wishing you strength and happiness,

David Johnstone

In article <16A521F125C at jackal.ru.ac.za>,
  g9620984 at campus.ru.ac.za ("Mkalipi, Z.L") wrote:
> Hi All
> Please, Please Read this message (just a bit of your time).
> Once you receive this - please copy and paste this onto a new message
> so that we can keep it neat as we pass it along.
> On the 28th of October 1999, a young 12-year old girl's future was
> completely shattered. She was raped and almost stabbed to death. She
> sustained multiple stab wounds in the back, chest and stomach as well
> the face. One of the stabs she received penetrated her spine and she
> now paralysed for life.
> This little girl is my cousin. I went to see her in hospital on
> When I saw her, she was laying on her side and all I could see was her
> stitched face. Because her whole little body was riddled with stab
> wounds, she is unable to find a comfortable position. When I asked
> her how she was doing, she whispered: " I am sore, I am sore". She
> asked her mother to turn her over on the other side, and as I helped
> her mother to do so, I saw that her whole throat was covered in the
> most terrible blue and deep purple bruises. Her rapist tried to shut
> her up when she was screaming. When that did not help, he tried to
> stab her to death. All I can say is thank god she is alive.
> The reason for this email is plain and simple. The South African
> judicial system is up to maggots, and corruption and discrimination
> is rife. No justice will be brought to this case. The rapist ( who
> was caught I might add ) will be out on parole in a couple of
> months. In the meantime, one beautiful little girl's life has been
> changed. Not only does she have to live with this memory, but she has
> be reminded of it every single day in the form of her paralyses.
> The South African government wants to implement something called
> chemical castration, where they inject men with a chemical that
> decreases their sex drive. This is NOT good enough. Rape is not in
> the male member, but in the male mind.
> I know this happens to woman all over the world on an hourly basis,
> this time it has hit too close to home and I CANNOT and I repeat
> stand by  and do nothing about it. Therefor I would like your help in
> signing this petition for a harsher sentence for rape. Life
> might be a good suggestion as ironically enough, prisoners do not
> tolerate child molesters and rapists, and because of this, they have
> their own "system of punishment" in prison.
> I want this man to go through agony for the rest of his life. I want
> him to be reminded of the pain that this little girl has to go
> through for the rest of HER life. Why should this animal deserve ANY
> better?
> Please forward this to as many people as you can. The more signatures
> we have from all over the world, the better our chances that someone
> in power might listen. If we don't do something about it, some or
> other time it might hit too close to your home......
> Also, please keep me updated by regularly sending back a list to
> me,(every entries) so I can keep record of our progress.
> I sincerely appreciate your help and support in this matter, and so
> Luze Homan and her mother.
> Kind Regards
> Nikki Botha
> mailto:Nikki at comnet.co.za <mailto:Nikki at comnet.co.za> ]
> Johannesburg, RSA
> 1) Melanie Benson JHB.
> 2) Pam Immelman, JHB.
> 3) Sheralynn Anderson, JHB
> 4,Jeanette Saule ,JHB
> 5) patrick bogatsu
> 6) John Botha
> 7) Chereldene Hamann
> 8) Barbara Jalaser
> 9) Nola Cloete
> 10) Aubrey Williams, JHB, South Africa
> 11) Heidi van Eck, JHB South Africa
> 12) Amanda de Klerk, Jhb, South Africa
> 13) Helene van Diemen, Pretoria, SA
> 14) Herman van Diemen, Pretoria, SA
> 15) Corne van Diemen, Pretoria, SA
> 16) Carina Hartig, Sedgefield, SA
> 17) Hayley Hartig, Sedgefield, SA
> 18) Donald Hartig, Sedgefield, SA
> 19) Penny De Ley, Heidelberg, Cape, SA
> 20) Antoine De Ley, Heidelberg, Cape, SA
> 21) Linda Swart, Pretoria, SA
> 22) Tanya Swart, Pretoria, SA
> 23) Jaco Swart, Pretoria, SA
> 24) Braam Swart, Pretoria, SA
> 25) Canvas Botha, Pretoria, SA
> 26) Aneshree Singh, JHB, SA
> 27) Sandy Topzand
> 28) Angela Homan, Midrand, SA
> 29.) M Cronje, Pretoria, SA
> 30) M Stemmet, Pretoria SA
> 31) I Horn, Centurion, SA
> 32) Desire Wagner, Centurion, SA
> 33) Danielle Dedekind, Centurion, SA
> 34) Gisela Massyn, Kempton Park, SA
> 35) Monique Massyn, Kempton Park, SA
> 36) Tulisiwe Mkatshwa, Kempton Park, SA
> 37) Xolani Xundu, Yeoville, SA
> 38) Mboneni Mulaudzi, Mandala, Northern Province, SA
> 39) Zanethemba Mkalipi, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa
> Zanethemba Mkalipi
> Winchester House
> Rhodes University
> South Africa
> Tel: 62-29038 (046)
> Mobile: 083-5354012

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