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Wed Nov 17 18:03:54 EST 1999

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>Hi, I'm graduating from Georgia Tech this December with a BS Applied
>Biology.  I've done my undergraduate research on selenite
>reduction-deficient mutants of Shewanella putrefaciens.
>    Does anyone know of any good grad programs in Microbiology or
>Environmental Science with ongoing research in Env. Micro/Micro Ecology with
>an emphasis on biodegradation/bioremediation (preferably in the western US)?

Sorry not off the top of my head, but that is because I don't keep up
with things quite as I used to do.

Before you start a graduate program, ANYWHERE and regardless of reputation,
do find out what has become of their recent graduates.

Where are they employed? In what capacity? At what salary level?
Are they all postdocs?   Of the ones who took postdocs, what became of them?

You need to go into graduate school with a clear idea of where that new
degree is going to take you.  You should not take the position, well--I'll get
my degree and somehow it will all work out O.K.

Also, within programs, and even good ones, you need to be working on projects
and with professors that will get you where you want to go professionally and
in life.  If your prof. is struggling to keep his own program going, if he
can't help place graduates, you may be working for the wrong person.

Finally, before starting a grad program, find out what the current students
think about their experiences and their future.  If it is not consistent
with what you want, do something else.

Grad school takes (typically) 5-7 years of your life.  Be sure that 
the path you chose will not waste those years.

I heartily recommend that you at least look at some of the discussions
that have taken place at the newsgroup and that you
repost your question over there.

The group has been accused of being doom and gloom and pessimistic.
Still, that is a perspective you need to at least become familiar with so 
you can make a wise decision.


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