Antifoam in halophiles culture

Christian Lowe c.lowe at
Thu Nov 18 04:28:10 EST 1999

norma wrote:

> Does anybody know the quantity of antifoam needed in
> halophile liquid culture?
> I have no experience, and will appreciate any help.
> Thanks
> norma
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Hi norma,   I have found there are no hard and fast rules for using antifoam except you should always use the minimum amount you can get away with.
Personaly i have never quantified the amount of antifoam ive added to my 400 ml cults , but normaly what i do is cut the tip of a 1ml pipette tip so that
the diameter of the hole is about 4-5mm, i then carefully squeeze out 1 drop into the culture. After incbating for a few hours you can check to see if there

is foam creeping up the flask, if so add another tiny drop.
sorry i cant supply you with exact quantitys but these things tend to be best found out by trial and error
good luck

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