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CH>>There's a difference in knowledge and instinct. Basic knowledge (i.e. how t
CH>>walk) is mostly hard wiring brain cells into groups to most efficeintly mak
CH>>the legs move. Memories are probable chemical signatures (i.e. the way a
CH>>planarians brain stores info) 

CH>What is a planarian? The last time I had a serious discussion about it
CH>was about 3-4 years ago with a biology teacher; a doctor no less.

They are flat worms. My feeling on this is that the flat worms learn
better when well fed and that ground-up flat worms is a very good food
for them.

CH>Anyway, at that time, the idea was that memory was stored by neurones
CH>linking up to create a holographic pattern over the surface of either
CH>the whole cortex or just the cortex of the frontal lobe; I forget. 

CH>I also read this in a neurology text book; it was a strange phase I
CH>was going through :)

CH>Anyway, point being it was a structural phenomenon, not a chemical

CH>>There are some simple subsystems that are developed by DNA commonly known a
CH>>instinct. These include the brains ability to descipher (and attempt to
CH>>escape) pain.
CH>Hmm, I disagree. Pain is a simple sensory experience. Instinct is
CH>birds flying south for the winter and so on, with no experience of
CH>being taught how & why to fly south. Mother-child relationships etc,
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