Human cloning

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Thu Nov 18 03:53:34 EST 1999

E.>Cloning a new body isn't that close, the only way be can clone is by
E.>introducing genetic material into an egg whose own DNA is removed, and
E.>the cell must go through the development in a host's womb.  Creating a
E.>headless clone would be almost impossible at the moment and near
E.>future as it is the brain in the head that would control the heart of
E.>the clone.

There is a naturally occuring condition where the fetus develops
with-out a brain.

E.>Repearing the frozen damage is not the only problem. How would you
E.>attach the head, I haven't heard of any surgeon who has the
E.>capabilities of attaching all of the nerves in the spinal column and
E.>all of the blood vessels in the neck.  Unless there was some great
E.>leap in surgical knowledge that I missed.

The russians did some experiments 20 odd years ago where the head of one
dog was transplanted onto the body of another dog(whose head was left in
place) producing a two headed dog. So the blood vessels shouldn't be a
problem. Nerves still need work, current state of the art being that
re-splicing the spinal cord is sometimes possible if it is done very
soon after it is severed.

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E.>>AB>On Thu, 28 Oct 1999 20:03:22 +0100,
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E.>>AB>>How long is it going to be before we can re-grow our dead loved ones? 
E.>>AB>trouble is...they would have an entirely different
E.>>AB> they would end up nothing like
E.>>AB>    the old farts we have come to know and tolerate...
E.>>His original post said that his father's head had been frozen. So, what
E.>>he is asking for is for a prediction of when it will be possible to
E.>>clone a new body for that head. It either can be done now or very soon.
E.>>But there is still the problem of repairing the freeze damage to the
E.>>head and curing the cause of death. Anybody care to take a guess as to
E.>>when those will be solved?

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