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Thu Nov 18 16:44:23 EST 1999

Hello  Dic:

In our lab we use mainly the MIDI system (both the CLIN and the TSBA
databases), with good experience. However, sometimes the system gives
different matches with close similarity indexes ; in this case we perform
small biochemical tests in addition  to MIDI. MIDI does not always allow a
clear separation of the different species of the Staphylococcus group, as is
the case for the enterobacteriaceae. Also, some organisms (only a small %)
are not identifiable, probably because they are not in the libraries.
For the yeasts we use the API CAUX. Molds are sent to a specialized lab
(Institut Pasteur, Brussels) who identifies them by microscopy.
I've never used Vitek, but a collegue who has worked with MIDI and Vitek
prefers MIDI.
Personally I do not like to work with API - except for yeasts - because in
my view interpretation of color is subjective.

Hopefully I've been of help.

Hilde Bastaerts
h.bastaerts at

Dic <microbio at> schreef in berichtnieuws
yoYY3.56188$Jp4.80942 at
> I want know what is the preferred way for identify micro-organisms in
> pharmaceutical laboratory.  Do you use MIDI, VITEK, API or biochemical
> (catalase, oxydase,TSI) are suitable?
> Thanks
> Dic

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