Regional Sales Manager Needed (AB BIODISK,Sweden)

Tue Nov 23 16:14:58 EST 1999

Your duties will include working with distributors to help
them achieve mutually agreed sales goals and purchase
targets. You will ensure an effective implementation of
marketing strategies and product positioning.
Your geographic area will cover U.K., Ireland, Eastern
Europe, Middle East, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Although working as a part of the marketing team, the
position requires an independent person. The ability to
motivate yourself and to prioritize your activity plan in
order to fulfil pre-set targets is a prerequisite. The
position entails extensive travelling and should fit your
life-style. You possess strong sales and marketing skills
acquired in the diagnostic or pharmaceutical industry
combined with academic qualifications in marketing or a
technical field. There are excellent opportunities for
growth if we are right for each other.

Please send your application to:
Att: Mr Olle Nordstrÿfffff6m
Dalvÿffffe4gen 10
S-169 56  Solna
Tel: +46-8-730 07 60
Fax: +46-8-83 81 58
etest at

AB BIODISK is a privately held company with facilities for
research and development, manufacturing and marketing, in
Solna, Sweden. The company develops new product concepts
and processes for manufacturing unique high quality
diagnostic tests. The company's proprietary technology is
used to produce antimicrobial gradients for Etestÿffffae, System
U3ÿffffae and other forthcoming products.

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