bacterial DNA

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Wed Nov 24 10:16:22 EST 1999

On 23 Nov 1999 22:33:33 -0800, mshmdeje at USTCC.UST.EDU.PH ("Ma Sheila
M. De Jesus") wrote:

>Hi.  I prepared genomic bacterial DNA and ran it to 2% agarose gel. I did
>not see any bands at least past the well.......How do I know that there is
>DNA extracted  considering that I have like around 50ul/vial. (miniprep)
>I am going to sue this for 16Sribosomal DNA.....
>Thanks for advising!

First: determine the DNA concentration by measuring the absorbance at
260/280nm. Use not more than 500ng for electrophoresis.
Try a 0.8 percent agarose gel; long DNA fragments (>5kb) won´t enter a
2% agarose gel.
Use  lambda DNA as a size marker.

Yours, Uli Maier

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