Foolish Tom - was "Biowar and Danny Casolaro"

Tom Keske tkeske at
Thu Nov 25 00:18:59 EST 1999

> Anyone know why this poor fool continues to burden this board with

Woe is your "burden".  Danny Casolaro is not fiction- he really lived,
he really investigated right-wing scandals, he really showed up
dead in the bathtub.  Whether is was suicide or murder is always
debatable, but only an arrogant fool would pretend not to see the
reasons for suspicion.

Who could expect spoiled, heterosexual, secure professionals
to understand the "paranoia" of a persecuted minority?  When Reagan got
into power, it was with the grace of a Moral Majority that said
"Heaven will rejoice when gays are annihilated".    His friend, Congressman
Danneymeyer, who was dispensing AIDS funding, had Dr. Paul Cameron
on his staff, who has openly advocated death for gays.

The media talks about this prick, Reagan, being a "great" President.
When you are in our shoes, the murder theory about Casolaro seems much
more plausible.

Imagining genocide is also easy when you have some 28 gay men
killed in Texas alone, while the Congress plays games with hate
crimes bills- ok if applied to Christians under federal law,
but not to gays.  Christians cannot be refused jobs by discrimination, under
federal law, but gays, always another story.

Why should you care?   You're a prestige-entitled microbiologist.

Sure, you are such noble people- you don't approve of bigotry,
you'll say.   Bully for you.  Yet, your kind intentions never seem to
be enough to sway the masses of pigs in this society.

What you can't understand, is that whether you like it or not
the technical and political are inseparable.  You like to think
that you are "above" politics.  You cannot be.   It was politics
that drives who gets AIDS funding, politics that drivers whether
Gulf War is acknowledged as real, or covered up.  There is
politics involved in whether a poison like AZT gets dispensed
to healthy gay men.

What I'm going to say is not a personal threat to anyone, just
a word to the wise.  Not to the wise, really - to some incredibly spoiled
and arrogant people.

Hardly anyone who is not in your field understands all your esoterica.

However, we get tired of being called "fools" for our suspicions.

In the 1970s, there was extensive experimentation with retroviruses,
with immune supression, with monkey viruses, with visna and FELV,
which are very similar in structure and effect to HIV.   Some of the
involved in this happed to move directly on vaccine trials on gay
men which had a strong statistical link to the start of AIDS.

If you pretend that this is no cause whatever for suspicion,
you are a damned liar.

Robert Gallo already had a student assault him once, at a
university, over such suspicions.    It may not be obvious at this
point in time, but there is potential for a great deal of violence.
If animal-rights activists are now giving researchers a hard time,
I hate to imagine how it might be if gays and blacks started
coming around to the realization, how fishy the circumstances
really are.

I would lose the cuteness and arrogance, if I were you.
When all is said and done, it might become obvious to even
the most stupid and dense microbiologists that nothing is
amusing, here.  If you don't understand it any other way,
you'll understand it when you see blood starting to flow
in this country, on a scale much wider than just a few
isolated incidents.

Your arrogance seems slightly reminscent of French
aristocracy, pre-Revolution.

A lot of people in your field are suspects in a murder trial,
in a manner of speaking.  The jury is going to be nontechnical
people, but their beliefs and impressions will be all that
matters, in the end.   The lawyers are jockeying to make
sure that a lot of gays and blacks are on that jury, especially
ones who have tasted a lot of hate aimed at them, in their lives.

I would advice that it is bad psychology to sit there laughing
and spitting at the jury.

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