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Tom Keske tkeske at
Thu Nov 25 12:59:19 EST 1999

Another post-script to these comments: why I am here.

I never resent intelligent critique, in fact I seek it.  If there are
clear *objective* errors in any essay, please inform me.  If convinced
on a clear point of fact, I will issue corrections to all newsgroups.
I post here specifically as a sounding board, to catch errors.

Please remember that this newsgroup is not my primary target-
I am crusading to persuade blacks, gays, Gulf War Vets, lyme
disease victims, etc, that there are suspicious circumstances behind
many emerging diseases.   I am trying not to exploit the situation to
advance a militant political agenda.  It is more the opposite- I have
turned to a militant political agenda, because I am become fairly
convinced that the circumstances of AIDS origin are deeply

I am not the only person in the world who feels this way.  Some
30% of the black community, in some polls, shares similar
suspicion.   My goal, frankly, is to boost that percentage and
to motivate a political/social reaction.

I do not assume that my beliefs could not possibly be mistaken.
I would hate to see riots spawned over unwarranted suspicion.
What you say to me here, is your only chance to try to prevent
such a scenario.  As I see you now, I frankly would not care
if you got a wake-up call in the style of abortion doctors and the
religious right.  The extensive and irreesponsible experimentation
with exotic viruses sickens me.  Your indifference to the possibility of
covert genocide, and out-of-hand dismissal without in-depth investigation
only adds to a sense of rage.

I've had long, courteous exchanges with a number of microbiologists,
by private email.   I respect their knowledge, but am not blindly
impressed merely by credentials or attitude- I've caught them with
their pants down, too many times.   The strong elements of bias in
their views are sometimes painfully evident.

Please remember the historical precedent of "racial science" in
Germany, 1930s and 40s.   That country had produced some of the
most brilliant scientific minds in the world.   Yet, when it sunk into
crackpot hatred, politically, then "science" became as stupid and
corrupted as anything else.

You must appreciate the level of crackpot hatred in the highest
levels of U.S. government, today.  Your nose is not rubbed every
day in the truly outrageous things that your governnment officials
do and say with such regularity.

I know intelligent and well-intended critique when I hear it, and
know snot-flinging when I see it.  The political and social situations
are delicate and potentially explosive.   You only parade your own
foolishness when you play with fire.

If you are so intelligent, then argue the facts intelligently,
skip the name-calling.

Tom Keske

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