Immune Suppression Experiments (pre-AIDS)

Jennifer Lynn Giel jlgiel at
Thu Nov 25 21:41:55 EST 1999

Please keep in mind that much of the immune suppression research has the
aim to prevent organ donor rejection.  With all due respect, Mr. Keske,
failure to include alternative possibilities such as these makes you look
like you don't really know the whole picture of some of the subjects on
which you post.  This is what rankles scientists on this newsgroup: a
little knowledge is sometimes worse than none.


Tom Keske <tkeske at> wrote:

: Another question, that I have spend some time trying
: to investigate:  after 1969, and before the outbreak
: of AIDS, what kind of research was done that might
: suggest an interest in finding ways specifically to
: suppress the immune system?

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