Immune Suppression Experiments (pre-AIDS)

Tom Keske tkeske at
Fri Nov 26 13:10:19 EST 1999

> Please keep in mind that much of the immune suppression research has the
> aim to prevent organ donor rejection.  With all due respect, Mr. Keske,
> failure to include alternative possibilities such as these makes you look
> like you don't really know the whole picture of some of the subjects on
> which you post.  This is what rankles scientists on this newsgroup: a
> little knowledge is sometimes worse than none.

I made it very clear that I was aware of alternative motivations for
research, and am perfectly aware of organ donor rejection issues,
not to mention multiple sclerosis, etc.    I reiterate the key point:
the motivations behind the research are ambiguous, as is often
the case for research that might have potential biological warfare

Are you going to try to tell me with a straight face, that the 1969 DOD
appropriations request for $10 million, to develop new viruses
"refractory to the immune system", would cause you no suspicion
whatever, if you were in our shoes?

That is the unfortunate thing here- it is a pity that we have a government
where one party routinely panders to what are essentially hate groups.

We are hypothesizing a situation where there is no law.  As an
oppressed minority, we take it upon ourselves to become the
jury, and make our own judgments.    Juries are not composed
of experts on any given subject.   Your job is to persuade as best
you can.

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