why tac promoter?

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> Question (1)In a plasmid, what makes a "tac" promoter more effective
> than any other promoter, and why?
> Question (2)also, can anyone explain in detail, or something to that
> efect, the significance of a plasmid having a high copy number.

(1) The tac promoter, a hybrid of 2 strong promoters (trp and lac)  is
effective because it corresponds to the E. coli consensus -10 and -35
sequences, tataat and ttgaca.  In natural promoters this is only a consensus
which rarely if ever found.

(2) Not sure what you mean by "significance".  The gene products of high
copy number plasmids will obviously be present at higher concentrations.  If
you mean "how is it controlled", the number depends mainly on the levels of
Rep proteins, which bind and initiate replication.

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