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Sun Oct 10 18:53:50 EST 1999

"Matter of Mind" - The latest research in Consciousness, Biology and
Living Systems, sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Science, founded by
former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Consciousness in Biological Evolution, Subtle Energies, Energy Medicine,
Distant Healing, Intercessory Prayer, Quantum Physics, Science & Spirit,
Psychology, Philosophy, Oriental Medicine, and much more.

Research faculty - Peter Russell, Marilyn Schlitz, Bruce Lipton, Joyce
Kovelman, Stephan A. Schwartz, Elisabet Sahtouris, Roger Jahnke.

Friday Oct. 15, 5pm-10pm, Saturday Oct. 16, 8am-10pm, Sunday Oct. 17,
8am-5pm.  Sheraton Gateway Hotel, 6101 Century Blvd. L.A.

Cash or charge $250.  (818) 754-4480, (818) 888-6004, Fax (818)

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