Student List

Martin Latterich martin at
Sat Oct 30 15:22:29 EST 1999

Not as far as I am aware. If there is sufficient interest, I could set up a
mailing list aimed at students specifically. If we can attract a few dozen
members, we could attempt to create a bionet.microbiology.students or
sci.microbiology.students newsgroup after some time. The newsgroup creation
process historically needed about a hundred "yes" votes, so it would be
better to start with a mailing list and then migrate over to "newsgroup"

What do you think?


Martin Latterich, Ph.D.
bionet.microbiology Discussion Leader

sleeve <sleeve at> wrote:

Is anyone currently involved with this newsgroup aware of any student
discussion mail lists?  I feel like it could be a valuable asset to
microbiology students, and if there is no such list(s), would there be
any interest in starting one?


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