What Do My Lab Results Mean?

Maggiecttr maggiecttr at aol.com
Wed Sep 1 12:17:56 EST 1999

Ok. I admit it. I overdid it on intercourse and ended up with burny urination.
I had a lab test done with these results, and was wondering if someone could
decipher some things:

Trace of protein
Occult Blood 3+
Leucocyte Esterase 2+
Bacteria-trace (50,000 colony-forming units of "gram-negative bacilli, 16,000
coliforms & <10,000 gamma hemolytic streptococci.....these were noted on my
report as "probable contamination"...I thought I did a pretty clean catch,
Mucous threads 1+

No sensitivities were run re an antibiotic: "not usually performed when there
are 3 or more organisms present." My doctor put me on Cipro, 250 mg. twice a
day for 10 days. (I had been on Augmentin, 250-mg. @ 3 times per day during the
4-day period --including a weekend--until my results were known. I actually
seemed to feel better on the augmentin, but...?)

Comments? What do the numerical figures mean on the blood cells &
mucous threads? Could the burny urination been caused by more trauma
("overdoing it") than a "real" bacterial infection? If you were me, would you
stay on Cipro or go back to the Augmentin awhile?

Many thanks!!!
"Never Would Make it As A Hooker" Maggie

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