What Do My Lab Results Mean?

Bob/Judy Dilworth dilworth at megsinet.net
Wed Sep 1 19:38:25 EST 1999

The protein, occult blood, and leucocyte esterase are all quantitated
on a dipstick from trace through 4+ (largest amount).  Certain pads on
a urinalysis dipstick turn certain colors depending upon amounts of
things in the urine.  There was enough occult blood in your urine, for
example, to turn the dipstick a color to match the 3+ color on the key
for the dipstick (a moderate amount). The phrase, "RBC/HPF TNTC" means
"red blood cells/high power (microscopic) field = too numerous to
count, i.e. A LOT.  Ditto for WBC's (white blood cells, which are
indicative to a microbiologist of an infection).  Unfortunately, your
culture did not give a clear cut pathogen.  There were small amounts
of three organisms so sensitivities were not done.  Cipro is a pretty
good broad spectrum drug and used more for bacterial urinary tract
infections than Augmentin, which tends to be used for respiratory
tract infections.  I would stay on this unless you have other side
effects.  If things don't get better INSIST on a reculture.  It's
cheaper in the long run than buying a lot of antibiotics that end up
in your medicine cabinet unused. Drink lots of water, finish ALL of
your antibiotic, even if you think the worst is past,  because if you
don't finish all of them, you set yourself up for resistant organisms
in the future.  ALWAYS ALWAYS urinate after intercourse.  This helps
clean out the urethra.  Stay well-hydrated to keep your urine diluted,
even if you live in the bathroom for awhile.  If you're still having
symptoms, and you can't get a decent void, you may have to have a
straight catheterization (in and out to get a better specimen).  Docs
don't like to do this unless they have to because the act of
catheterization also can introduce bacteria into the bladder.

Good luck.  Hope you had fun.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

Maggiecttr wrote:
> Ok. I admit it. I overdid it on intercourse and ended up with burny urination.
> I had a lab test done with these results, and was wondering if someone could
> decipher some things:
> Trace of protein
> Occult Blood 3+
> Leucocyte Esterase 2+
> EPI/HPF-few
> Bacteria-trace (50,000 colony-forming units of "gram-negative bacilli, 16,000
> coliforms & <10,000 gamma hemolytic streptococci.....these were noted on my
> report as "probable contamination"...I thought I did a pretty clean catch,
> but...)
> Mucous threads 1+
> No sensitivities were run re an antibiotic: "not usually performed when there
> are 3 or more organisms present." My doctor put me on Cipro, 250 mg. twice a
> day for 10 days. (I had been on Augmentin, 250-mg. @ 3 times per day during the
> 4-day period --including a weekend--until my results were known. I actually
> seemed to feel better on the augmentin, but...?)
> Comments? What do the numerical figures mean on the blood cells &
> mucous threads? Could the burny urination been caused by more trauma
> ("overdoing it") than a "real" bacterial infection? If you were me, would you
> stay on Cipro or go back to the Augmentin awhile?
> Many thanks!!!
> "Never Would Make it As A Hooker" Maggie

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