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Go to any Chinese (Oriental)  Grocery store. Agar is a staple in
Eastern food preparation. Food grade agar should be soaked in COLD
distilled water overnight in the refrigerator to remove salt and water
soluble carbohydrates. Pour off the water and add media components.
Pre-weigh the "raw" agar, 20 grams, for each liter of media you want
to prepare.  RR
On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 00:30:22 GMT, "Philip Senger"
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>Im trying to cultivate mycelium and I need
>cheap Agar-Agar. I already have the DME
>so Im looking for pure Agar.
>Any suggestions or alternatives? I found the
>following prices but in my opinion they are
>astronomical, considering what Agar is.
>Fungi-Perfecti - $39.95 for 1/2lb
>Mycelium Fruits - $ 28.00 for 1/2lb
>Mushroompeople - $35.00 for 1/2lb
>Any response or suggestion appreciated...
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