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>Does anyone know if the blood line of children have anything to do with the
>woman? Or is it determined only by the man to the male children?
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What do you mean by "blood line?"

The term generally refers to someone's familial relationship, which
is decided by society, and not by biology.  In my society (USA) you
are considered a member of both your mother's family and your father's

If you are asking about the inheritance of genes, that is a different
matter.  Human inherit about half of their genetic material from each
parent.  You may be surprised to learn that men get slightly more
genetic material from their mothers than from their fathers.  This is
because men pass a short "Y" chromosome to their sons, which has little
information.  Women instead pass a much, much larger "X" chromosome
to their sons and their daughters.

If by "blood line" you mean blood type, it is determined by a combination
of your mother and father's genes.  The system is slighly complicated,
involving three alleles at a given locus.  If you are really curious
about blood-type then e-mail me and I will send a better explaination.

This what you wanted to know?

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