Detergents effects on bacteria

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Fri Sep 10 04:12:01 EST 1999

Hi everybody...

I have a question and maybe some of you could answer me, well I hope!

In an experiment I'm leading, I observe a killing of some bacteria when
put in MilliQ water with Triton 0.05%. I can understand that.
What surprises me, is that if I add some Tween80 (0.1% final
concentration)in my MilliQ+Triton, there is no more killing of these

I know that in pharmaceutical companies, Fluid A and Fluid D are
frequently used in many experiments... Fluid D is FluidA+0.1% Tween
80... what is the Tween there for? is it a protective agent? Is 0.1% a
surfactant concentration or a detergent concentration?

Thank you in advance for your responses,



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