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Hi Klaus

I'm a student at the Department of Life Science, Aalborg University,
Denmark, and have experienced the kind of problems you refer to when working
with microorganisms. I found the following links very usefull for genotype


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> Hello!
> In microbiology you often encounter abbreviations - for restriction
> enzymes, for resistance genes and other genes. Whereas a list of
> restriction enzymes with their abbreviations can be found in lots of
> literature, I was not able to find such a list for genes and their
> abbreviations.
> For example the (mutation) genotype of the E. coli strain JM109 is
> indicated as follows:
> JM109  endA1, recA1, gyrA96, thi1, hsdR17(rk-,mk+), relA1, supE44,
> delta(proAB, lac), F'[proAB, laclq, lacZ(deltaM15), traD]
> Unfortunately I could not use the appropriate formatting (italics,
> sub-/superscript, greek letters) here. But I think you can read it
> anyway.
> Some of the abbreviations are easy to be guessed. But I do not know all
> of them. I have to know the strain's phenotypic traits, so I should know
> what all the abbreviations mean and how they affect metabolism or other
> processes in the strain.
> So does anybody know where I can look up for this sort of abbrevations?
> Note: Explaining the abbreviations in the above strain would help me a
> little, but I would prefer a reference to where I can find a list of
> this kind of abbreviations because the JM109 strain is just an example
> and I have others strain with other abbreviations.
> I wonder why they do not explain these abbreviations in most literature.
> Is an experienced microbiologist (which I am not) expected to know them?
> If yes, where did he/she learn about them?
> Klaus Frommer
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