Parental imprinting and replacement

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Wed Sep 15 02:41:47 EST 1999

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>   I am looking for information to backup a science fiction story I recently
>wrote in which I did a great deal of hand-waving to work around my lack of
>knowledge. ......
>What I actually said in the story, explicitly, is thus:
>The injected virus will target their father's DNA contribution and replace
>it with their DNA donor's contribution.

Great story; do not try to destroy it by trying to fit it into the narrow
You are talking about exchanging almost half the human genome, that is
rather much DNA which also has to be in the correct order to function.
Practically you want to exchange all the chromosomes which comes from the
father, and non that comes from the mother, - in all the cells of the body.
It is not even possible with one single cell, today. I'll say: Very-very low
odds! :-)  But, for a that's just as well. 
Never mess up good stories with boring facts. 
Good luck with your writing.

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