DC MacDonald sheffieldw at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 15 17:27:21 EST 1999

i haven't been recommended one.  We received a photocopied version of lab

What is the title of this book.  I can't find this McFadden or McFaddin on
either of canada's online bookshops.


ianj wrote:

> DC MacDonald wrote in message <37DF75AE.449EE2BF at sympatico.ca>...
> >>
> >i am wondering if there are any websites/internet resources that could
> >help me with the theory such as why we use agar/geleatin, formulas of
> >the hydrolysis of various protein and starches, etc.  i'm not looking
> >for the actual tests rather just the theory behind the tests.
> >
> >Thanks for any help.
> >
> A good textbook is the best place to start. I'm sure that you have been
> recommended one. A book by Jean F. McFadden (or MacFadden or McFaddin) which
> explains the theory behind each test as well as how to do it and interpret
> the results was a really useful book about 20 years ago. The tests haven't
> changed!
> Ian

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