EDTA in bacterial cultures

Russell Farris tryggvi at email.msn.com
Sat Sep 18 23:48:02 EST 1999

        A quick look in my refrigerator found calcium disodium EDTA listed
as an ingredient in:

            - Bernstein's Creamy Caesor dressing
            - Von's Real Mayonaise
            - Wishbone Italian dressing

Russ Farris

R. I. Mateles <rmateles at candida.com> wrote ...
> I don't think EDTA is a "common food additive."  What is the basis for
> statement?
> Russell Farris <tryggvi at email.msn.com> wrote ...
> > Thanks, Lesley.  I'm interested in EDTA because Kazuyama et al. (1997)
> were
> > able to increase inclusion body-forming activity of Chlamydia
> > pneumoniae10,000 fold by use of EDTA or trypsin. I'm interested in EDTA
> > because it is a common
> > food additive, and I wonder what effect it has on the growth of C.
> > pneumoniae in the human body.

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