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Tue Sep 21 10:01:16 EST 1999

You seem to have missed the point of replica plating.  You *compare* the
plate with antibiotics on it to the one without.  You know everything is
going to grow on the plate without antibiotics, so you need some way of
knowing which ones are sensitive to the antibiotic.  This is where the
antibiotic-containing plate comes in; it shows you the colonies you
*don't* want.  If you still don't understand replica plating, look in an
introductory microbiology textbook.

Hope this helps.


AKB <abansal at> wrote:
: well, I need the antibiotic-susceptible organism alive and plating on plates
: with antibiotic will kill them.  Also, I can't be sure that all the
: organisms that were irradiated are now susceptible so plating on plates with
: no antibiotic won't really tell me if they are susceptible.  How do I get
: from the batch that were irradiated just susceptible organisms (and live
: ones at that)?

: Jay and Nancy Mone <jaymone at PAONLINE.COM> wrote in message
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:> Replica-plating onto agar plates containing each antibiotic, as well as a
:> plate with no antibiotics.
:> Jay M.

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