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All authors, should be:
Shin-ichi Suzuki, Kohei Takahashi, Toru Okuda, and Saburo Komatsubara

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On Mon, 20 Sep 99 20:52:01 GMT, Sandra Young wrote: 

> Can anyone provide me with a recipe for Humic acid-vitamin agar for 
> isolation of actinomycetes from soil? (or a reference?)


You can try:
Toru Okuda, and Saburo Komatsubara, 1998: Selective isolation of 
Actinobispora on gellan gum plates. Can. J. Microbiol. Vol. 44(1), pp. 1-5.

(URL for Abstract: http://www.icsti.org/cisti/journals/sample/w97-117.html; it 
says about developing some new medium - based on humic acid-vitamin agar).



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