acanthamoeba keratitis

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Thu Sep 23 08:19:42 EST 1999

Errol wrote:

> On Thu, 23 Sep 1999 00:19:31 +0200, Aleksandra <anubhavi at>
> wrote:
> >Hi!
> >For the last two years friend of mine has Acanthamoeba 'living' in her
> >eye.
> >It has been diagnosed just few months ago.
> >
> >Diagnosis is:
> >  Keratouveitis subac.o.sin.
> >  Acanthamoeba keratitis o.sin Macula corneae o.s.
> >
> >and it is treated with
> >       Brolene drops (propamidine isethionate 0,1%)
> >       Brolene ointment (dibromopropamidine BP 0-15%).
> >       Atropin drops
> >...but...
> >the eye hurts very much, she constantly has to use painkiller for last 6
> >months (Voltaren).
> >She cannot see through this eye except through one small part on the
> >side (through which she can notice the difference between light and
> >dark).
> Has this treatment removed the Acanthamoeba from your friends eye?  If
> not then she is probably reinfecting herself.  Contact lenses are a
> good source of infection.  If she wears them she should dispose of and
> replace the lenses, cleaning/storage solutions, and cleaning/storage
> containers.  She should make sure that she is also using the
> commercially produced solutions and not just plain saline solution.
> If she doesn't wear lenses then she should avoid touching the infected
> eye but if she does, wash her hands immediately (good hygiene).

She doesn't use (precisely, cannot use) contact lens for this eye, just for
the other one. She is careful about her hygiene, but she's leading a kind of
normal life. So, anything is possible...

> >In our country (Croatia, Europe) it is the first case of this kind of
> >amoeba - it has been diagnosed in neighboring Slovenia. So, nobody
> >exactly knows what to do next. We have got some advises that it would be
> >best to make keratoplastic / transplantation of cornea in order to stop
> >the pain and to improve the eyesight, but so far we didn't find any
> >surgeon in Croatia willing to do it.
> >If you have some advice / your own experience / you know where it can be
> >treated or who knows more about it, please inform me.
> >Thank you very much!
> >A.
> >
> Sorry but I do not know much about the cause and treatment for the
> pain in her eye.

Well, the eye is inflamed almost all of the time, and when she takes the
Voltaren pills it calms down a bit, but not for long. Also, the eye drops
that she uses against amebas are very aggressive and they irritates the eye,
and I suppose that is the main cause of the pain.

It is not so much that she wants just to stop the pain as she needs help to
bring this to an end, regardless of methods.

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