David Lloyd-Jones icomm5 at
Fri Sep 24 07:02:46 EST 1999

Tim Maisch <tmmaisch at> asks:

> I need a list of bioscience, medical journals with the impact-factors of
> all these journals.
> For example which impact-factor has the journal "nature-medicine"?
> Were can I found this list in the internet?

Take a look at .

There's a whole lot of interesting stuff there, but down near the bottom of
the page you will see a reference to Journals, and at the bottom of any
Journal page there is a menu of all the journals HMS Beagle runs. This is
your first cut at what's important.

Then for each journal Beagle runs a review, which will give you a good
handle on who reads it, what it's worth, who it affects...


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