Crystal ID

Bob/Judy Dilworth dilworth at
Tue Sep 28 15:56:19 EST 1999

Our lab uses Crystal ID in a clinical setting for gram negatives that
don't ID with Vitek.  They are much faster and easier to inoculate
than API.  They have a large number of non-fermenters, however, that
are lumped into "miscellaneous gram negative rods" for which you might
need backup biochemicals in order to differentiate (I don't know what
kind of bugs you're running into).  We have the database in a
computer, but I am not familiar with any update that we've had since I
started there in 12/96.  Since I'm not in management and don't talk to
reps, I don't know if the database has been updated since then.  We
read them visually and type in the numbers.  We probably only average
1-2/day though if that, as Vitek ID's the bulk of our isolates.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

LeoTJ wrote:
> Does anybody have any opinions good or bad on the BBL Crystal ID systems......

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