Tetrathionate and Salmonella

jlawrenc+ at pitt.edu jlawrenc+ at pitt.edu
Tue Sep 28 18:30:59 EST 1999

On 28 Sep 1999 21:45:50 GMT, jorge1907 at aol.com (Jorge1907) wrote:

>The ingredient is Potassium Tetrathionate (K2S4O6).  It doens't enrich
>Salmonella spp. as much as it inhibits the coliforms.  you can also add
>Brilliant Green to inhibit Proteus spp.

Actually there is some enrichment as well; unlike many other enterics
(like E. coli) Salmonella can respire to tetrathionate to form (in all
likelihood) thiosulfate.  Moreover, thiosulfate can serve as an
electron sink in Salmonella (via the Phs proteins) to form sulfite and
sulfide; thiosulfate is not reduced in many enterics (like E. coli).

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