New York - Nile - bird - mosquito viral encephalitis bug

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Wed Sep 29 12:47:52 EST 1999

Out of curiosity, more than anything else:

Concerning the encephalitis viral disease in the news lately: News
coverage has described the virus as "similar to" a Nile encephalitis
virus, but they have not come out and said that it IS the Nile virus.
I am assuming that most of the viral types are identified genetically
more than anything else. Can I interpret these statements that the bug
found in the New York cases is 

a. new and unique; an emerging disease similar but not identical to
the Nile strain, or

b.  the exact genetic background not yet been completely identified,

c. none of the above

More out of curiosity than anything else; I have not been following
the coverage too closely, and that which I have been hearing is from
mass media sources, and not scientific journals/publications or such.

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