ianj ianj at zipworld.com.au
Thu Sep 30 07:39:21 EST 1999

Anson Li wrote in message ...
>I'm doing a quick biochemical test for a suspected Salmonella sp. with
>a Phenol Red Sucrose broth.  The manufacturers suggest that these
>broths be placed in a boiling water bath and cooled if they are not
>utilized in the same day that they were sterilized.  What's the reason?
>My reasoning would be...that autoclaving should have gotten rid
>of all bacterial components.  Is the heating and cooling just another
>precautionary measure?
>Boiling is usually employed when you want to be sure that all of the oxygen
is driven out of the medium (it redissolves after autoclaving). It is used
for media such a thioglycollate and cooked meat medium. I cna't think why it
would be recommended for media used for Salmonella.


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