Susanne Rohrer srohrer at immv.unizh.ch
Mon Apr 3 11:26:32 EST 2000

"Chong Wai Yin( Zhang Weixian)" wrote:

> 1. Is there any difference between coagulase and Fibrinogen Binding Protein
> (fbpA)?

read Cheung, AL, 1995, Infect. Immun 63(5):1914-20
judging from the abstract there seems to be a difference.

there is also a clumping factor (clfA)!

also: Moreillon et al(1995) Infect. Immun. 63(12):4738
For a review: Foster & McDevitt,  (1994) FEMS Microbiol Lett 118(3) 199-205

Hope you can sort it out!


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