maltophilia versus multophilia

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1.  I don't think that alternate spelling of Latin bionomials is

2.  Only one is correct.

3.  I did a quick search and found nothing for "multophila". 
"Maltophila" means malt-loving, so multophila would "mean loves
> Hello.  I am a medical transcriptionist who recently ran into something
> new today and am looking for some clarification.  I have used the
> spelling maltophilia for organisms such as Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
> and Pseudomonas maltophilia, etc.  Today I had a doctor spell out
> Stenotrophomonas "multophilia".  I thought it a fluke as I daily get
> misspellings from doctors but decided to web search anyway and lo and
> behold I got some hits.  My questions would be (1) is this an alternate
> spelling of the same organism, (2) is one of these spellings actually
> incorrect, or (3) is this a different organism from maltophilia? Any help
> would be greatly appreciated and would help to keep accuracy in patient's
> medical records.
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